Cost of Acupuncture

Effective June 9th 2018 the cash discount price per visit is set to $150 per visit. We also accept Veterans Choice, No Fault Auto, Workers Comp, HMAA, and Humana but please mention your insurance policy when scheduling your appointment because many plans require pre-verification.

Please note effective June 6 2018 we no longer accept Kaiser / ASH insurance nor do we honor their discount programs. The Kaiser program has always paid poorly and Kaiser needs to take a serious look at their reimbursement rates if they would like for more acupuncture providers to participate. Patients may feel that they have top quality insurance coverage through Kaiser, but Kaiser has never emphasized the incusion of quality reimbursement rates for acupuncture providers. Now that the state of Hawaii has approved doubling of acupuncture reimbursements rates (our first raise in 20 years) we can not condone Kaiser's shamefully low reimbursement rates by accepting Kaiser insurance.

You can also Verify Your Insurance Online to see if your insurance plan can save you some money.

The initial consultation takes about 60 to 75 minutes and can include any of the following: complete Chinese medical diagnosis, front and back acupuncture, cupping, moxibustion, guasha, infrared heat therapy, Chinese nutrition consultation, review of nutritional supplements, review of prescription medications, and Chinese herbal prescription. The herbs themselves are an additional cost (usually $20-$30). Chinese medical massage (Tuina) or acupressure can be included if time permits, and at the discretion of the acupuncturist. Follow ups focus on acupuncture and will usually be limited to around 45 minutes. Additional fees may apply for cupping, moxibustion, or guasha therapies.

Package Discounts for Kama'aina:
Kama'aina (local residents) who have a financial need may also be offered discount on packages of 3 or more pre-paid sessions. Please note that the package discount price only applies to completed packages: refunds for early terminations are calculated based upon the regular rate of $150 per visit.

Insurance Rates:
Our insurance billing rates are MUCH higher than the cash discount price, and at Maui Acupuncture we always bill insurance for the maximum allowable rate. Each insurance company has its own cap on what it will pay. We do not feel obligated to ask for lesser payment just because some companies pay poorly. In fact Hawaii insurance companies are among the lowest paying in the country – but we do still try to accept them all as a courtesy to our clients. That being said we reserve the right to limit the number of visits we can offer to patients with certain low paying policies. Some high paying policies can pay out $200 per visit or more, and these help to compensate for the lowest payers. The lowest paying insurance policies imply that acupuncturists should provide the acupuncture service AT OR BELOW COST. We also frequently employ an insurance billing company that takes 10% off the top. This helps us to accept a wider range of policies including mainland PPO's, and substantially decreases our paperwork and processing burdens.

Workers Comp:
We are now able to accept Hawaii state worker's comp. Please call to inquire.

House Calls:
We offer house calls (to your home or hotel room) for just $199 inside Lahaina and Kahului. Fees may apply for travel to other locations.

"Why is it so expensive?"
Contrary to common belief, it is not free for your acupuncturist to offer you the acupuncture service. In fact, far from it. A few of the expenses incurred by the treatment you will receive include office rent, utilities, telephone, fax, web hosting fees, domain registration fees, insurance (malpractice and general liability), license renewal fees, printing costs, credit card processing fees (3%), GE Tax (4%), unemployment tax, workers comp tax, insurance processing fees (10%), acupuncture supplies, sheets (washing and replacing), and payroll processing fees – just to name a few.

If there's any profit left after all of that then we're also responsible for paying additional taxes like corporate taxes, state income taxes, federal income taxes, FICA (social security and medicare). We also incur non-deductible personal expenses that are directly on your account (such as travel expenses to meet with you - time and gas). Furthermore don't forget that we are operating in Maui, Hawaii which is among the highest costs of living in the nation. Acupuncture generally requires 8 years of college education, and most acupuncturists have taken student loans above $100,000.

"I'm a Local resident and I Can't Afford It!"
I also offer a free lottery drawing each month for the acupuncture service. For every ten paying customers I give one free treatment away. If you would like to submit your name for the lottery please contact me. These are just a few of the expenses we encounter as acupuncturists that most people don't consider. However there are many who can not afford to pay for health care. For these people I recommend prayer, which is always free and does not incur expenses. There truly is no healer above Jesus Christ. If you would like to schedule a free prayer meeting please contact me and I would be happy to meet with you.

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