Acupuncture for Veterans in Kahului

Through the veterans choice program Maui Acupuncture is able to offer acupuncture in Kahului and Lahaina to veterans at no cost to them. You must have a pre-authorization code from veterans choice (the VA). Take advantage of this offer while it lasts, congress has currently renewed funding for the program through 2017 but there are no guarantees that funding for veterans choice will continue beyond that date.

This service is available in particular to veterans of Hawaii because of the distance being several thousand miles to the nearest VA hospital. It is relatively easy to enroll and process the pre-authorization, but it does take a few phone calls. You can start by calling the VA at 855-722-2838 and asking about your options to receive care through the VA.

The initial consultation takes about 60 to 75 minutes and can include any of the following: complete Chinese medical diagnosis, front and back acupuncture, cupping, moxibustion, guasha, infrared heat therapy, Chinese nutrition consultation, review of nutritional supplements, review and opinion on prescription medications, and Chinese herbal prescription. The herbs themselves are an additional cost (usually $30-$40). Chinese medical massage (Tuina) can be added on to any visit for an additional fee. Follow ups can include any of the same services but will usually be limited to around 45 minutes.

House Calls:
We offer house calls to Kahului and Lahaina with pre-authorization from the veterans choice program.

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Justin Hays, LAc, MAOM
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