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Amniotic stem cell therapy is now available in Maui through Maui Acupuncture working in conjunction with Stem Cell Institute of Hawaii. While adipose stem cell therapy has been available for quite some time, the Stem Cell Institute of Hawaii was among the first to offer amniotic stem cells to Hawaii locals and visitors alike. Maui acupuncture assisted the Stem Cell Institute of Hawaii with the first round of Amniotic stem cell injections in March 2018, and we've been going strong ever since. Maui Acupuncture offers weekly learning lunches in which you can grab a bite while learning all about stem cell therapy. Call our office to inquire about amniotic stem cell therapy and sign up for the weekly stem cell classes to learn more today!

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What are some of the differences between different types of stem cell injections? Pluripotent cells, also known as embryonic stem cells, have the greatest potential to become any cell in your body, but may also include the danger of turning into something unwanted such as a tumor. For this reason embryonic stem cells are currently banned in the USA for general medical use. Multipotent stem cells, such as adipose (adult stem cells), are safe but much more limited in their ability to differentiate into cell types such as cartilage and neurons than embryonic stem cells. Bone Marrow stem cells have more pluripotent qualities than adipose, but are extremely painful to procure via spinal tap.

We believe the most safe and effective stem cells come from a third type known as amniotic stem cells. Our amniotic stem cells are young and vibrant stem cells from pre-screened mothers who had c-section birth. As such there is no moral dilemna with amniotic stem cells - no children were harmed or aborted as a result of their procurement. Aside from greater potency, amniotic stem cells are often delivered to the patient in much greater quantities. Often you'll get 10 to 20 x more stem cells, and stem cells that are newly born rather than being as old are you are! There is also some evidence to support that amniotic stem cells may be able to differentiate for a longer period of time than adipose stem cells. The healing duration time for amniotic stem cells is often quoted as 9 months to 1 year, whereas adipose stem cell therapy may need to be repeated every 30 to 90 days.

You might think of amniotic stem cells as being sort of a hybrid between adipose and embryonic, because amniotic stem cells are multi-potent but with pluri-potent tendencies. Amniotic stem cells are safe and approved for medical use in the USA, while having the potential to differentiate into skin, cartilage, cardiac tissue, nerves, muscle, and bone. After years of research Regan Archibald of East West Health in Utah has seen up to 95% success rates with amniotic stem cell injections, when combined with acupuncture, to cure "bone on bone" knee pain for instance.

Stem Cells and Acupuncture:
Stem cells and acupuncture go hand in hand. In fact Regand Archibald of East West health has found that adding acupuncture and Oriental medicine can increase the chance of stem cell success by 15 percent. So instead of 80% success rates, he has been getting results as high as 95% with very difficult problems such as "bone on bone" pain in the knee. Research has shown that acupuncture facilitates the delivery of stem cells from the spine to other parts of the body. Helping to stimulate stem cells is just one of the ways that acupuncture helps you heal, and the diet and lifestyle suggestions from Oriental medicine can often provide insight as to the root of the problem so its reoccurance can be prevented.

Stem Cell Classes - Weekly Training
We offer a weekly lunch and learn session where you can learn more about stem cell therapy over a light lunch. RSVP is required, please Click here for Stem Cell Class Schedule, RSVP, or call to reserve your seat.

Delivery of Injections
By working with Stem Cell Institute of Hawaii, Maui Acupuncture facilitates the stem cell procedure being done here on island. At this time stem cell injections are delivered by injection or iv - using a licensed Nurse Practitioner. Please inquire for more details.

Insurance and Cost
Currently insurance usually will not cover the stem cell procedure. Stem cell therapy is cash pay only. The price for a single unit of amniotic stem cells starts around $6000, certain discounts may be available please inquire for details. The advantage of not being regulated by insurance is that we have the ability to choose the best stem cells from the best supplier. Our stem cells are third party tested to ensure viability. Stem cells arrive cryo-frozen and are maintained at -80 degrees temperature.

Mesenchymal Stem Cells
Mesenchymal Stem Cells (MSCs) are found in high numbers in the amniotic fluid. MSCs derived from amniotic fluid show a "higher expansion potential" than MSCs from bone marrow. And with amniotic sources, no spinal tap is required!

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