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  • Amniotic Stem Cell Therapy Maui has been Launched!

    March 2018: We performed our first round of Amniotic stem cell injections (and IV's) with help from Stem Cell Institute of Hawaii. An alternative to surgery for "bone on bone" pain and more. RSVP for our up and coming seminars at

  • Now Accepting Humana

    Jan 1st 2017: Now accepting Humana as an in network provider. Depending on your plan you may qualify for 6 to 12 visits per year. You must have pain in your body to use health insurance for acupuncture. Call today to schedule your appointment.

  • Accepting Veterans Choice

    We are now accepting Veterans Choice. Available to all vets in Hawaii. This program is only government approved through 2018, and it may not be renewed - so don't delay. Access your right to free quality care while you can!

  • Back in Town!

    2016: I'm back from 9 months travelling the Pacific. What an amazing journey - 4 months on a cruise ship visiting Hawaii and western Mexico, and 5 months living in Philippines. Bring your sick and down trodden: I'm back for now!

Featured events

Lunch and Learn: Stem Cell Class

$19 - Per person. One hour crash course on everything you wanted to know about stem cells, and how that relates to Oriental medicine. Receive $1500 coupon off your first stem cell purchase just for attending. Light lunch included free w/ class purchase. RSVP Online!

Chinese Nutrition and Weight Loss class

$29 - Per person. Approximately 90 minutes this course is an extensive overview of Chinese medical diagnosis and how that relates to Chinese nutrition. Learn how to eat right for your body type, and for your partcular diagnosis. Explore healing properties of 800+ foods and 300+ Chinese herbs according to Traditional Chinese Medicine. Lunch is included. Must RSVP to attend!

Qigong Class: Practice with a Group

$5 - $10 donation. Follow along with a qigong instructor (in person or televised). May engage in specific types of sitting or standing qigong, or challenge the student with meditation practice or spontaneous qigong. Remember the underlying principle of qigong. May also include short discussion on qigong. Must RSVP to attend!

What's new?

We've launched our new web site!

Please be patient while we finish it. If you find any broken links or have any questions please use the contact form to let us know.

Acupuncture for Weight Loss

Acupuncture is a wonderful accent to help accelerate your weight loss while bringing you better health, peace, and well being - all at the same time! Through 2017 we're offering weight reduction package 10 visit just $699! Available to Kama'aina and visitors alike.

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